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Traditional Indian breakfast need a break!

As we all know break fast is the most important meal of the day. we need to feed our body with good nutrition in our break fast as our body goes into a catabolic state after the 6-8 hours of break we get from our last meal  at night. due to this gap , the blood sugar levels fall and the metabolism slows down. so, it is very necessary to feed our body with a balanced break fast and see that all the nutrition is in.

break fast fuels our body for our full-day activity . but , most of the time we see people skipping the break fast in order to catch up with the fast moving society. when it comes to taking balanced break fast , many people don’t understand the concept of a “healthy breakfast” . for example , In a country like India most of their food for breakfast are “carbs-rounded”. 70% of the population eat “roti-sabsi” for their break fast . when we look at south indian break fast , people eat Idli , vada , dosa , upma , uttapha and so on.  if we break these food and see its nutritional value . we find that 70% of the food contains carbs and fats , 15 to 20% of fiber and less than 10 % of protein .  . does it make a balanced breakfast?

when we look at the breakfast in western countries . people have oats , brown bread , eggs , fruits , milk , greek yoghut , paneer , soya,mic dejun la unirea and lean source of protein like chicken breast , fish etc if we break down these food and look at their nutrition value we see that  they have a good balance between the about of protein , carbohydrates and fiber . they focus on taking 60% protein , 20% good fats and 20% fiber in their food .

why is it necessary to take a balanced breakfast?

A balanced break fast is a good combination of Protein , complex carbohydrates and fiber . In brief , taking complex carbs will keep you full and fuel you through out the day as they take more time to get digested . taking high amount of protein is very necessary because your body needs protein to build and repair tissues . protein is useful for the production of enzymes and hormones , it also necessary to grow healthy hair. everyone person needs to take 0.5 grams of protein per pound of your body weight . when it comes to fiber , it is not only important for digestion but also plays a very important role is preventing heart diseases and risk of getting affected with diabetics . its also helps to maintain healthy skin and weight lose . an average person should take about 25-30 grams of fiber per day.

At last , it all depends on you as which path you choose to walk in . to lead a healthy life you need make certain changes in your day to day activities .

stay healthy , stay fit 🙂


you can have a look at the link below to get more information about a balanced breakfast and ideas !

balanced breakfast and ideas


Spead the true love 

Music has always been the best part of my life . It is a way we express ourselves.  Music or any art by its name is a way we express our feelings. For example , when a person sings he is mentally and emotionally connected to the music / song to bring out the feel in it. 

  Every artist has his or her way of expressing themselves.  If I speak about my self I love singing alot . I emotionally get attached to songs and when I sing them it’s like I am out of the world into the music enjoying every single note in the song.. trying to bring out the feel in it. Music is a  therapy . It cures you. It bring out the real you. It is a gods gift. Music is life 🙂 

healthy eating for a sound sleep

Sleep is the most important part of life. proper sleep helps us to recover from the stress we face in our daily work and helps us to kick in the nutrients from our food and gives us the sense of well being . but , in the present day life style sound sleep is sparse . most of the people suffer from sleep disorders like insomnia . apart from the medical treatments such sleeplessness can be fixed by taking proper nutrition . i have heard most of the people saying that they cant sleep at nights . taking proper nutrition can help anyone fix this problem.

high protein foods like chicken , turkey ,milk , nuts like almonds , seeds can help you  to get a good sleep. these foods contain an amino acid called as “Tryptophan” . tryptophan plays a very important role in inducing sleep . it boost a sleep inducing hormone called as ” Melatonin ” . tryptophan is also believed to boost the feeling of well being and safety.  it has been found to stimulate a growth hormones and control food cravings. the most important by-product of tryptophan is 5HTP (hydroxy-tryptophan) plays an important role by releasing a feel-good hormone in our body called as ” seretonin ” which gets us relaxed and induce good sleep .

there are many foods that help us to boost the seretonin levels in our body by supplementing us with trypotophan  .

  • foods like dried palm which are high in vitamin B6 , calcium , magnesium help to boost the “melatonin levels” which regulate the sleep.
  • oats also contain very high melatonin level which helps you to fall asleep
  • nuts like almonds contain tryptophan and magnesium which will reduce the muscle and nerve function and help increase your seretonin levels .
  • dark chocolate is found to have good amount of seretonin level . this is the reason which we feel very relaxed after eating the dark chocolate.

studies say that vitamin B6 in fruits play a very important role in converting the tryptophan into seretonin and increase the relaxation of the body and helps us fall asleep .

everyone loves to have a sound sleep after a hectic day , it all depends on how much we work on taking care of our health because the healthy you eat the wealthy you will grow. because , health is wealth !

stay healthy , stay fit 🙂Sleeplessness

Eat healthy, eat clean – student life

Many people have asked me about my weight loss . about the diet and the training i have followed . basically its all about the dedication and passion you have in accordance to your goal . it might be fatloss or muscle building. we should focus on eating clean or eating correct. you can find the best of the best fatloss programmes , you can join the best gyms in your place . but without a proper diet and nutrition everything goes to vane .

dieting does not mean starving , it means eating healthy . i see many college students dont have time to get into sports or any sort of exercise even at house because of thier daily college work schedules . in such a case it is very important for them to follow good nutrition and eat healthy . they should focus on avoiding foods which contain high GI value, foods which contain preservatives , foods which are deep fried , trans fats , etc. its important for students to maintain balanced meal frequency . eat every 3 hours . eat less but take more number of meals. if you are concerned about losing fat it is important to do so. eat foods which shoot your metabolism and burn fat. focus on taking good complex carbohydrates like brown rice, oats , wheat bread .

most of the Indian break fast are CARB-ROUNDED , they only focus on carbohydrates on the whole . for example Idli with your cocnut pickle contains only fast absorbing simple carbohydrates , fats and had negligible amount of protein. its important to balance your diet with protein and carbs , kick in a good multi-vitamin supplement which is very useful for us as we do not get all the vitamins and minerals though our daily diet.

at last i would finish by saying that its very essential for everyone to take out at least 30 mins of time for yourself to do some full body exercise very day at your home or just go out for a walk and take some fresh air 🙂

stay healthy , stay fit 😀 19510166_1313757178732459_7668870115421309539_n